live in Paris 2009
with Craig Ward and Armelle Pioline, Paris, 2009 L'International, Paris, 2009,with Barbara Carlotti, Olaf Hund and Jean-Pierre Petit Impure Thoughts, Kulturbrauerei Berlin, 2006
Dezibel, Berlin, 1999 Pisek, Czech Republic, 2007 Two Dollar Bash, Berlin, 2005 Butter Club, Berlin, 2002


Nikki Schuster's video for the song "Drowning", by Impure Thoughts, from the album "Lights Ahead"


Live version of the same song with James Finch Jr. from the showcase at Stephen F's bar in the Intercontinental Hotel at SXSW 2010


Mark and James playing "It's all Mine" at an afternoon concert at Flipnotics, Austin, Texas, during SXSW 2010.

Two Dollar Bash playing "Raise a Glass" at Amnesia, San Francisco, March 5th 2009, featuring invisible special guest Rusty Miller on drums.


"Chilled Beer, Sunshine and Miniskirts" with Allen Devine, live at 7 Stufen, Berlin 2010