The Cactus and the Dragon

The Cactus and the Dragon

The cactus and the dragon
and the jug upon the shelf
and the salamander climbing up
the wall just like myself

and the plants are turning yellow
and the fridge begins to scream
and the robot's laughing at me
telling me it's not a dream

and the bottles stand like pawns
on the board in front of me
as I'm sitting trying to figure
what the next move ought to be

there's a silence full of noises
that crowd around my head
and there's demons in the bedroom
and ghosts above the bed

now the stranger in the mirror
doesn't want to meet my eye
as clouds of dark foreboding
start to gather in the sky

there's a bag of broken words
spilt like marbles on the floor
and a world outside the window
about to burst in through the door

the cactus and the dragon
and the darkness in the hall
and the pages slowly turning
in the book upon the wall

now the fridge is turning yellow
and the plants begin to scream
and they're all laughing at me
and I know it's not a dream




© 2009   Mark Mulholland