The Cactus and the Dragon

Haunted Feeling

I've got a haunted feeling that I took a wrong turn
hanging in the air like the chords to an unfinished song
but I know that you're right for me
even if everything else comes tumbling down

Chasing after my life like a ball thrown down a hill
carrying a tray of glasses that I'm trying not to spill
but I know you'll help me pick up the pieces
even if there is nobody else who will

letters lie accusing and unopened in a pile on the floor
life gets so confusing, I don't know where I'm going anymore
my mind feels like a cell, but at least I can always tell
you'll come and open the door

being pulled in all directions at once like a man on the rack
reaching out for things that are gone and they won't come back
feels like I'm going off the rails, but I know that you never fail
to put me back on the tracks





© 2009   Mark Mulholland